Does Ekaterina drop from Insane Level 5 Campaign Map Keys?

The reason why I am asking this question is because I've opened around 100~200 insane level 5 campaign map keys and my Ekaterina is still level 1 (1/2).

Initially, I thought I wasn't getting her because she is EPIC and hence, very rare.

Then, I was reading previous threads to learn more about the game, and I saw this thread:

@ROBA said:
Hi Roboking!

In case you want to use Ekaterina and don't yet have her, you can always go back to campaign 4 and replay it.

I am uncertain if this means that Ekaterina drops only from campaign level 4 keys, meaning campaign level 5 map keys do not drop Ekaterina?

Just wondering since it's frustrating that I can't seem to get Ekaterina copies to level her =X

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  • ROBAROBA Administrator

    Hi! That thread is from july, so old stuff...
    I’m not completely sure now about 2.0 drops, but when you play normal mode campaigns, you might have noticed that there is reinforcement troops. And those are the same as unlockable unit if you complete it. So if I remember correctly, Ekaterina drops from Campaign 3, I’m not 100%sure though. I would like to get somekind of reward table to game where we can see how our progress affect to drop pool.

    If unit is unlocked in certain area (like arena1), it will drop from higher areas as well (arenas 1-5).

    Have you started playing before or after 2.0 version?

  • I did some checks. I started in December and my daily login reward calender is at Day 11 atm. So I probably started on 21st-22nd December 2017.
    However, I am not sure what was the game version when I started playing lol.
    I see. Thanks anyway. I will just continue trying to get keys, from insane level 5 campaign maps to see if Ekaterina drops.

    Yeah I totally agree with you. The drop pool gets bigger as our progress goes further.
    We are just not sure if certain units are tied to the specific description of the keys. (keys are named campaign 3, campaign 4, campaign 5, arena 3, arena 4, arena 5 etc)
    It would be nice if we could get somekind of reward table shown.

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  • Update: I just got Ekaterina from insane level 5 campaign key.

    It turns out she is just EPIC and super rare to get.

    Gotten some of her copies only after opening ~350 insane level 5 campaign keys (silver, gold keys only); I don't open bronze keys.

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  • Was on campaign 4 for sure.but now i think its random.
    But my opinion ,dont bother with the map in arena its to short and she dont have to much defence,its easy target, so try evolve others.mine its lvl 8 but i quit upgraded.

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