Keep playing, or wait for keys to open?


So I just downloaded this game and it's quite fun. Of course, all my keys are full in about 10 minutes - so I must ask, play tomorrow, or keep pushing? I don't want to have underleveled troops in campaign/arena because I didn't wait for chests to open... Is there any guides on the key system? I want to play more than 10 minutes a day lol.


  • Go for the big keys.for campaign 4 its 10 lvl go for hard or insaine, at lvl 10 u have the best key,so keep the key full, before u begin the lvl 10 batlle open 1 key to have room for lvl10 key .in that way u have just the best keys.for playng like that u need to spend about 20-25 go at lvl 10 u play at least 2-4 h per day.

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